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Chapter 9: Kundalini, Shaktipat and Grace

Therefore, there are many men who are impotent with real women, but who are very potent in their imaginations - there is no end to their imaginary potency - because the assault of imagination touches your center from within, while the frontal impact of a real woman cannot touch you from within; it touches you directly from without. And because man lives in the mind, he can work on these centers more effectively through the mind.

So when you ask, “Who am I?” you are making an inquiry, you are mentally raising a question. Which center is this question going to touch? It is bound to touch some center. When you ask this question, when you inquire who you are, when you are filled with this thirst to know, when your every fiber asks, “Who am I?” then you are going within, and for sure some center within you is going to be hit and activated by it.

But because “Who am I?” is a question you have never asked, it is not going to strike any of your known and active centers. This is a question you have never asked of yourself; this is an inquiry you have never made. You have never been filled with the thirst to know who you are. You have often asked, “Who is he? Who is she?” and questions like these, but you have never asked “Who am I?”

“Who am I?” has been an unasked question so far, and therefore it is going to strike an entirely unknown center which you have never touched. And the unknown center which this question “Who am I?” is going to hit, is very fundamental - because this question itself is very fundamental.

“Who am I?” is both a very fundamental question and a very existential question. “Who am I?” is a question which involves the totality of our existence in all its height and depth. This question will take me to where I was before I was ever born, behind all my past lives. This question can take me to where I was in the primeval beginning. The profoundness of this question is infinite. And so its journey is equally profound. Therefore, this question will immediately strike the fundamental center, the deepest one - the kundalini.

Deep breathing strikes the center physically, and the question, “Who am I?” does the same thing mentally, psychologically. This question hammers the kundalini with mental energy, and deep breathing hammers it with body energy. And if both hits are strong enough. Ordinarily, there are only two ways of hammering the center - one through breathing and the other through asking, “Who am I?” There are other ways as well, but they are a little complicated.

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