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Chapter 4: Boy! Did We Shake That Thing!

It is my understanding that when all is one, human beings are one. So to me, ignoring the misery on the streets is denying the oneness. Please say something about this.

When all is one there is no question of ignoring or not ignoring.

If all is not one then the question arises whether to ignore or not to ignore; then there is a choice. But when you feel all is one, there is no choice. I am not saying that you will ignore, I am not saying that you will not ignore; you are no more there, so whatsoever happens, happens.

If you start serving those people on the streets - perfectly beautiful. If it doesn’t happen, nothing can be done.

Try to follow me, because you think that when you come to realize oneness you will serve those people. It may be so. It may not be so. Because when oneness is felt, who is the server and who is the served? Then who are you who is feeling the misery and sympathy and compassion, and who are they? They have disappeared. Then nothing can be said about what will happen. Something will happen. But nobody can predict.

The question arises because oneness has not been felt, it is just an idea in the mind. You have been thinking. It is a logical conclusion, it is not existential.

A beggar is on the street, you pass by; you feel hurt. This too is the ego which feels hurt. You feel compassion - or you don’t feel compassion, you just ignore. Ignoring is ego, feeling compassion is also ego; you are there in both the cases.

Of course compassion is a better ego, more polished, in a way golden, but it is also the ego. The man who is ignoring, he may have a very ordinary ego - not pious, not religious, uncultured - but he has the ego, and to me both the egos are the same, whether you feel compassion or you ignore, you are there.

My whole effort here is just totally different; the effort is that you should not be there, then let whatsoever happens happen. If you feel compassion arising, then you will not be there, only compassion will be there. Then you will not say, “I feel compassion for this beggar,” because that I cannot feel compassion. I - how can it feel compassion? And a compassion that flows through the I is already corrupted. It has not that innocence, that beauty, that should be there. It is already a part of the ego, it will strengthen the ego, it will create barriers for you in achieving oneness. You will be the compassionate, you will become a great man, or a great woman, a great servant of people.and great servants of people have been doing such mischief over all the centuries. They are not needed any more. They are mischievous people.

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