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Chapter 2: Happy People Are Dangerous

Next time you are possessed, don’t be worried about this place. Let them do whatsoever they want to do. It is not your business to be worried about it. Dance, but remember, this should not be a mind thing, otherwise you will simply create a disturbance.

Be possessed. When you are possessed, the dance is holy.

The third question:

You said, “If there were no reformers, then the world would be a more natural and beautiful place.” Then why is this place so full of reformers?

To reform the reformers!

The world is full of reformers - what to do? They have to be reformed. I am training people who can reform the reformers.

The question is not signed. The person who has asked this must be afraid. You should not be afraid. You should sign your question so that I know exactly in whose mind this question is arising, because I don’t answer the question, I answer the questioner. The question is useless if you are afraid even to sign it. If you don’t want to reveal your identity your whole heart is not in the question.

Why do you try to deceive? Even if the question is foolish you have to show your identity, because you are not here to hide yourself. You are here to expose yourself, to expose yourself to me so that I can change you. If you go on hiding, then how can I change you? If you are foolish, it’s okay. Be foolish, but let it be exposed. If you are dark, don’t be afraid. Open the doors - otherwise from where will the light enter?

Here, there is not going to be any argument or discussion. I am not interested in any argument or discussion. If I say something to you, I say it not as an argument, not for any argument’s sake. I am not trying to defend any dogma, any religion, any scripture. I have none - no dogma, no scripture, no religion - to defend. I am trying to create a communion between you and me. But if you are hiding, you will miss.

Always reveal your identity. And don’t try to polish the question because that, too, I feel. You make the question, you polish it; you try to make it in such a way so that it looks very sophisticated, very cultured. The more you polish it, the further away from your reality it is. Let it be raw so that it is close to your heart.

If your question itself has gone very far away from your heart, then how is my answer going to be close to you? My answer will hit the question and you will be very far away from it. Let it be raw like a wound so I can hit it directly. It will hurt. That is why you try to push it away from you. But if you are so afraid of being hurt, then the surgery that I am trying to do will not be possible.

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