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Chapter 6: There Is No Meaning

And the last question. Chinmaya has been asking this question continuously for many days, and I have been avoiding it. But now it is time. He has been asking:

Are all enlightened masters bald?

And now I cannot avoid it any more, because in the effort to become bald he has shaved his head.

There exists no relationship, so don’t try to be bald. Bald people are very clever, they create rumors about themselves. One rumor they have created all around the world is that they are potentially more sexual than anybody else. Of course bald people are not so sexually attractive; they have to create rumors around themselves. All over the world in all countries the rumor exists that bald people are more sexual, more potential sexually than anybody else. This is a trick.

But now to create another rumor that bald people are the only ones who become enlightened will be too much!

Enough for today.