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Chapter 10: Bliss Beyond All Duality

The first question:

I have fallen in love with you. Why?

I am sorry; your question is unanswerable. This is the only question which cannot be answered, hence the beauty of it. Whenever you come across a question which is unanswerable, you are very close to truth.

Love is a mystery, not a problem. It can be lived but it cannot be solved. In fact, it is not a question, that’s why it cannot be answered. You can make a question out of it, but your question remains just a linguistic formulation of something which can never be reduced to a question.

Love has no motive, love simply is. Love is absurd, meaningless, purposeless, and that’s why it is so beautiful. It is not a commodity; it is not a thing of the world. It is something from the beyond; it is a visitor from the beyond. So we cannot find any reason for it.

If you can find any reason for your love then it is not love; then it must be something else. If you can answer why, that will simply mean it was something else, not love.

Love is the purpose of all, hence love itself cannot have any purpose. Love is the end of all; everything else is a means towards love, hence love cannot be a means to something else. It is the ultimate value.

But the question arises because the mind knows only how to create questions. It can’t accept something which is a mystery. The mysterious creates fear in the mind, because the mind cannot manipulate it. The mind starts raising a thousand and one questions, and the mind will not feel at ease unless those questions are answered. If those questions are not answered then the mind itself has the tendency to deny the whole phenomenon. Then the mind will say, “If the why cannot be known, then love cannot be.”

Mind believes only if it is capable of manipulating some thing. That’s why mind goes on denying godliness - because godliness is nothing but the very essence of love. And mind goes on denying love, and mind goes on denying beauty, and mind goes on denying everything that comes as a mystery. Either the mind has to reduce it to knowledge. And if the mind feels impotent to reduce it to knowledge it starts denying it: “There is no godliness, there is no love, there is no mystery.”

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