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Chapter 1: The Mystery School

Once he comes out of the cocoon of studentship and becomes a disciple, then the wandering stops; he is getting in tune with the master. He is being transformed without his knowing. He will know it, only later on, that things are changing. The same situations that he had faced in the past he faces now with a totally different response.

Doubts are disappearing, rationality seems to be a child’s game. Life is much more, so much more that it cannot be contained in words. As he becomes a disciple he starts hearing something which is not said - between the words.between the sentences.in the pauses when the master suddenly stops.but the communication continues.

A disciple is a great improvement upon the student.

In the past, in the days of the Upanishads, those mystery schools that existed in India were called gurukuls. A significant word - it means “the family of the master.” It is not an ordinary school, a college or a university. It is not a question of just learning; it is a question of being in love. You are not supposed to be in love with your university teacher. But in a gurukul, where the Upanishads flowered, it was a family of love. The question of learning was secondary, the question of being was important. How much you know is not the point; how much you are is the point. And the master is not interested in feeding your bio-computer, the mind. He is not going to increase your memory because that is of no use; that can be done by a machine, and the machine can do it better than you.

I have heard about a computer. The computer was fed with all kinds of astrological knowledge. And the scientist who worked on the computer for years, filling it with all possible knowledge of astrology, naturally wanted to ask the first question himself, and he wanted to ask a question which was really difficult. Apparently it was a simple question: he asked the computer, “Now you are ready. Can you tell me where my father is?”

The computer said, “It is better if you don’t know.”

He said, “What? Why should it be better if I don’t know?”

The computer said, “Don’t insist.but if you want to know, it is not my problem. Your father has gone fishing.”

The man said, “Nonsense. My father has been dead for three years. So my whole work is wasted!”

And the computer laughed. It said, “Don’t be sad, your work is not lost. The man who died three years ago was not your father. Go and ask your mother! Your father has gone fishing, he must be coming back. He is your neighbor.”

But even a computer can do things which the human memory can’t do. A single computer can contain a whole library. There is no need for you to read; you can just ask the computer and it will give the answer. And it is only very rarely that things will go wrong - if the electricity goes off or the battery runs down.

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