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Chapter 17: A No-Return State of Affairs

When you initiated me eight years ago, I had my own business, a great car, a nice apartment and always a beautiful woman around. I dressed myself in a three-piece business uniform complete with briefcase.
Now, I live in a bamboo hut, drive a rented bike, dress myself in a Nehru shirt and strange cotton pants; very rarely do I allow a woman to come close anymore.
Am I on the right track to enlightenment?

(The general hilarity in response to this poor fellow’s plight has grown to such proportions that Vimal - who is back again! - pauses to let it subside. It doesn’t, and Osho picks up his clipboard - the signal that he is going to begin.)

Vimal has forgotten to read your whole question. He himself is in such a trouble that he does not know where to go and what to do.

Again he has done the same thing: now poor Maneesha has a cold! He goes on changing his tactics. Now for two or three days he will be at ease, happy.

He forgot to read the whole question. Underneath the question it says:

P.S. My briefcase changed into a backpack.
P.P.S. Don’t take this question too seriously!

But this question I have been keeping for a few days. I always wait, because everything goes on changing; things may take a different shape within a few days. And they have taken. Now you cannot say to me, “Don’t take this question too seriously!” because today I have received another question from you. I knew it was going to come.

So I will read the second question also, and then we will talk seriously about your situation. It is critical.

First, you remind me of a poor Jew. He is walking down the street when he sees a rich funeral procession go by. Black Rolls Royces, lots of flowers, women in fur coats and a gold-handled oak coffin. He shakes his head and says, “Now, that is what I call living!”

And your question that has come to me today.without it, it would have been absolutely wrong for me to answer your first question. By coincidence, I somehow managed the right time. Today’s question is:

I am so angry, ready to kill my girl-enemy.

Just in the first question he was saying he does not allow any woman to come close by! And within just two or three days he has made a girl-enemy. Not only that, situations have grown to such extremes that he is so angry he wants to kill the girl-enemy!

She broke off our relationship.

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