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Chapter 7: A Question of Living

That’s what the donkeys in the universities and the colleges and research centers and great academies think - that they are doing something great. They are simply eating cabbage; that is their nutrition. They are struggling, fighting about small matters: who was older, Buddha or Mahavira; whether Krishna ever existed or not; whether Jesus is a myth or a historical person. This is all nonsense.

The real thing is one: when am I going to become authentic, true, original; when am I going to know myself; when will I be able to answer the question, “Who am I?” That is the only religious question; all other questions are false. And if you have asked the one question, the basic question, the answer is hidden in the question itself.

If you go on asking deep inside yourself, “Who am I?” and you don’t accept any false answer given by the mind, from the labels attached to you - that you are this or that, a Hindu, Mohammedan, communist, Catholic, man, woman, beautiful, ugly, old, young, body, mind - if you don’t accept any answer given by the mind and you go on asking and asking, and the question penetrates your heart like an arrow and goes deeper and deeper to the ultimate core, there, suddenly, is the explosion.

Not that you will hear a voice saying who you are; there is nobody. But you have come to your source; you have tasted it, you have known it, you have experienced it. And with that one question solved, all questions disappear. That one experience is the experience of God. It liberates. It is truth.

Truth is in your being, but you can find it only by becoming a quest, an intense, passionate longing to know yourself.

Drop all other unnecessary questions. Only one question is relevant: Who am I?

Enough for today.