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Chapter 10: Beyond East and West

Now here goes my towel. The only thing left is my robe. Please never ask any question about it!

Let me tell an anecdote.

A young Jewish couple were being wed in the usual Jewish tradition surrounded by at least two hundred relatives and friends. The room was in complete hush as the rabbi reached the part of the service which said: With all my worldly goods I thee endow.

The best man turned to the maid of honor and said, “There goes Erwin’s bicycle!”

And here goes Osho’s towel. It is all that I have. So I must remind you again: never ask any question about my robe.

I will throw the towel. Whosoever it lands upon becomes its proud owner, but nobody must raise their hands or try to catch it. Hmmm? You just be in a meditation, absolutely passive. That is the way godliness also descends! If you try to catch it you cannot be the owner of it.

And if some problem or some dispute arises that two or three persons claim the towel, you can always go to Mulla Nasruddin. It will be difficult to locate him because he is a very subtle and invisible man. But he’s the best. If you cannot locate him then you can go to the next best person, Swami Yoga Chinmaya. He will decide the dispute - who the owner is. And if it cannot be decided then you can always divide it.

Remember that you are not to catch it. If you try to catch it, you miss the opportunity. Let it land on you.

Here goes Osho’s towel.!