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Chapter 5: You Have Never Looked Inside

I feel scared! Please just remain a disciple! I don’t have any favorite disciples, because to have favorite disciples means people who will betray you, people who will become Judases, people who will assassinate you. People who are first trying to be favorite disciples soon would like you to move over, give place to them; now they want to be masters. I don’t want any favorite disciples. This is simple politics. Just keep to the space where you are. I am feeling perfectly at ease; when you come too close.I am allergic!

And you are saying, “What to do? Which is the worst question to ask you?” You cannot ask it. What worse question can you ask? You have asked it. But I can answer you, as bad as you like! Just I am looking for a worse.! So just be patient! It is really the worst, so just be quiet.

An English lady was on holiday in the wild west. One day she decided to visit an Indian reservation and became interested in the number of feathers in the men’s headdresses. So she asked one brave, and he replied, “Me only have one feather because me only have one squaw.”

Thinking this was a joke, she asked another brave. “Me only have four feathers because me only have four squaws,” he replied.

Somewhat perturbed, the English lady decided to ask the chief, who had a magnificent headdress full of feathers. “Me Chief,” he replied, “so me fuck them all! Big, small, short, tall.me fuck them all!”

The lady was horrified. “You ought to be hung!” she cried.

“You damned right,” said the Chief, “me hung like a buffalo!”

The English lady cried, “You don’t have to be so hostile!”

“Hoss-style, dog-style, any style.me fuck them all!”

With tears in her eyes, the lady cried, “Oh, dear..”

“No deer,” said the Chief, “Deer run too fast and asshole too high!”