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Chapter 9: The Sun Is New Each Day

Theology brings in God to solve a few problems, because there are problems: “Who created the world?.” The curiosity arises: “Such a beautiful phenomenon! - who created it?” And then the mind has an itching sensation - it should be answered: “Who created?” But the first thing is to ask whether the question is right. Never raise a question without asking first: “Is the question relevant?” And what is the criterion of a question being relevant? The criterion is that if a question is such that whatever answer is given, the same question can be raised again - then the question is irrelevant, it is not right. You ask, “Who created the world?” Somebody says, “God!” You can ask the same question again: “Who created God?” The question has not changed, not a bit. The same question is still relevant. So somebody says, “God A created the world,” and then you ask, “Who created God A?” He says, “God B created the God A,” then you ask, “Who created God B?” And he says, “God C created the God B” - but the question remains the same so all answers are false.

If the question is not changing a little bit, then you are not progressing towards truth at all. And if all the answers to a question are false, then please meditate upon the question again. In the very base the question itself must be wrong; otherwise how can all the answers be wrong? At least one answer must be true - but no answer has proved to be true. Hindus, Mohammedans, Christians, they have all provided answers, but the question remains. Thousands of years working on the question “Who created the world?” and not a single answer has been given which satisfied. This means that in the very base, from the very beginning, you have taken a wrong line of research, a wrong attitude from the very beginning.

So the first thing about a question is to question the question itself, whether it is relevant.

This question is irrelevant: “Who created the existence?” - for many reasons.because then the question is possible: “Why did he create it? What was the need? Why couldn’t he live without creating it? What desire possessed him? And if God created this universe, then why is there so much misery, suffering, suffering which cannot be accounted for?”

A child is born crippled, blind, ill - why? If God is the creator, can’t he correct the pattern of the world? Or is your God a little neurotic, enjoys suffering? A sadist, enjoys this torture? Millions of people dying in a war, being killed, thrown into fire and gas chambers - he is the creator, and he is simply not worried! He cannot even stop a Hitler killing millions of Jews - unnecessarily, for no reason at all. What type of creator is this? If God creates the world then he must be a Devil, because the world doesn’t seem so good. It cannot come out of good, seems to be inconsistent with good. God means “the good,” and this world doesn’t show any sign of goodness - exploitation, violence, war, killing, misery, anguish, tension, madness.. For what has this creation been created? And if God is responsible, then he is the greatest criminal.

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