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Chapter 5: Trust Is Natural to Man

In contrast, suddenly for the first time the home, the meaning of the home, arises. First it was just a house to live in, now it is a home. Now you know that houses are different from homes. A house is just a house; a home is not just a house, it is something plus - plus love. Maybe it is needed that man should go a little astray - off the track, into the wilderness - so that, in contrast, coming back to home becomes significant, meaningful.

I say “return,” I don’t say “repent.” Jesus never said “repent.” He would laugh at the word, because the whole thing is corrupted by the word. Now churches know well that the word is a wrong translation, but they still insist on it because it has become their foundation. To return is so simple: it depends on you and your God; no mediator is needed, no agent is needed.

From that time Jesus began to preach, and to say, “Return: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” Another meaning of the Hebrew word teshuvah is answer. Your return is your answer. Answer to what? Answer to the shout, “Enthrone me!” The answer to the question God has been asking you, “Come back home?”

This is again a very beautiful contribution of Judaism. Every religion has contributed something original. Judaism says: “God asks the question, man answers.” Ordinarily other religions say that man asks the question and God answers. Judaism says, “No, God asks the question, man answers.”

The moment you answer, that is the return. The moment the child says, “Yes, I am coming,” he is already on the way. Have you heard the question? If you have not heard it yet, how will you be able to answer?

People come to me and they say, “Where is God?”

I say, “Forget about God - have you heard the question?

They say, “What question?”

“The question that God asks!”

If you have not heard the question, you cannot know where God is. The moment you hear the question the direction is clear - the moment you hear the question that arises deepest in your being, at the deepest core, and becomes a constant haunting in the heart: Who are you? why are you here? why do you go on existing? for what?

If the question has arisen in the heart you will know God is, because who is asking this question? You cannot ask it. You are unconsciousness, a deep sleep - you cannot ask. Somewhere deeper within you God is asking the question, “Who are you?” If you have heard the question, you know the direction. And the answer can only be: “Return back. Follow that direction, move back.”

But your questions are false. You have not heard them; somebody else has taught them to you. Your questions are false and then your answer becomes false. You learn the question from others, you learn the answer from others, and you remain phony.

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