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Chapter 10: I Am in Favor of Love

The first question:

Why is every human being full of problems and unhappy?

The first thing: because man can be tremendously happy, the possibility exists, hence, his unhappiness. Nobody else - no animal, no bird, no tree, no rock - can be so happy as man. The possibility, the tremendous possibility that you can be happy, eternally happy, that you can be at the top of a bliss mountain, creates unhappiness. And when you see around you, you are just in the valley, a dark valley, and you could have been at the top of the peak: the comparison, the possibility and the actuality.

If you were not born to be buddhas, then there would be no unhappiness. So, the more perceptive a person is, the more unhappy. The more sensitive a person is, the more unhappy. The more alert a person is, the more he feels the sadness, the more he feels the potentiality and the contradiction, that nothing is happening and he’s stuck.

Man is unhappy because man can be tremendously happy. And unhappiness is not bad. It is the very drive that will take you to the peak. If you are not unhappy, then you will not move. If you are not unhappy in your dark valley, why should you make any effort to climb uphill? It is going to be arduous - unless the sun shining at the top becomes a challenge, unless the very existence of the top creates a mad urge to reach, unless the very possibility provokes you to seek and search. People who are not very alert, sensitive, are not very unhappy. Have you seen any idiot unhappy? - impossible. An idiot cannot be unhappy because he cannot be aware of the possibility that he is carrying within himself.

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