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Chapter 2: Drop Becoming! Being Is Enough

The first question:

I keep feeling that I want to fight you. There are many things I want to scream about, and there feels no room to scream. For example, this morning in answering a question, you said we are all involved in creating a tradition here and that if one does not fully accept what is happening, one should get out of it.
I feel there does exist a hierarchy in this place and that some people are on big power trips. And I don't like it. I stay, for my feeling for you, for my friends and for myself. But I don't like the organization and the vibe of it. Should I get out?


The second question:

Why is the mind? It seems to be a very real part of our being. I would dig to function without it, but why, why is it there? Sometimes it seems that the mind screens out awareness, but also it seems that mind can be very practical, can help to do things. Does the mind have a place or is it something to be totally transcended?

“Why?’” is a wrong question to ask. Things simply are. There is no why to them. The question why, once accepted, will lead you farther and farther into philosophy, and philosophy is a wasteland. You will not find any oasis there, it is desert. Ask the question “why?” and you have started moving in a wrong direction; you will never come home.

Existence is, there is no why to it. That’s what we mean when we say it is a mystery, because there is no why to it. In fact it should not be there and it is. There seems to be no need for it to be there,, no reason for it to be there, and it is there. “Why” is a mind question.

And now you can be in a very great puzzle, because the mind is asking a question about itself: “Why is the mind?” The question comes from the mind, the answers will come from the mind, and the mind is capable of turning each answer into a new question. You will be moving in a vicious circle. To ask the question “why?” is to fall into the trap of the mind. You will have to see to it. The question “why?” has to be dropped; that’s the meaning of trust.

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