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Chapter 6: The New Sannyasin

My beloved ones.

There are some questions. It will be helpful to discuss them.

One friend has asked:

Some seekers have already been practicing the Kundalini Sadhana of different kinds. They are gaining much from this experiment, so should they continue it or not? Can there be any harm in practicing the mixture?

There is no question of any harm. If you have already been doing something and you are benefiting from it, then continue with it totally. There will be only gain. There is anyway nothing harmful on the path of truth.

Another friend has asked - and two or three more friends have asked the same question:

How long will weeping, shouting, laughing, dancing continue?

It can last from three weeks to three months. If you do the experiment totally, weeping, laughing and shouting will vanish in three weeks and you will go from the first to the fourth stage. The two stages in between will be dropped. For those who do not do it totally, who do it halfheartedly, it may take even more than three months.

But it is not something that will go on forever, because once the problems of the mind are dropped, the mind will dissolve on its own. The length of time will depend on how intensely you drop your problems. But if you do the experiment correctly, then usually all this quietens down in less than three months; then you will take one or two deep breaths and immediately you will enter into the fourth stage. But this will happen only when you have first done the two in-between stages totally. If you are a little miserly then it may take years. The point is to completely throw out all the rubbish from your inside.

A few other friends have said:

Crying and shouting will cause difficulty to family members, to neighbors.

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