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Chapter 31: Into the Very Center of Silence

He was very shocked - and so many people heard it. The whole office knew, “This man is a bastard. The man he thinks is his father is only the husband of his mother; his real father has been dead for five years.”

Even this much intelligence you will not find in a scholar. Ask only what has been fed into his biocomputer. He can repeat the question, he can give the answer, but if something new arises which has not been fed into his memory he is absolutely impotent. Intelligence is a totally different matter. It is your awareness encountering a new situation and finding ways and means to deal with it.

This country has known the greatest scholars of the world for ten thousand years, but what is their contribution? They cannot contribute anything. They can only repeat what has been repeated to them by others.

Situations go on changing, life brings new problems, new questions. But these scholars - they somehow go on giving old answers which are absolutely irrelevant to the real situation through which they are passing. Otherwise, ten thousand years of intelligence - this country would have been a real paradise; not a dream, but a reality. But on the contrary, this country has become a hell. And who is responsible? - all your scholars. Memory is cheap; even idiots have memory.

Intelligence needs arduous effort - to go into your aloneness, inward, in the darkness, and to find the center of your life. The moment you find that center, immediately something that was asleep is awakened. We have called that awakened man the real and authentic man. We have called him the jinna, because he has conquered himself. We have called him the buddha, because he is enlightened. We have called him the seer, because now - only now, for the first time - he has eyes: up to now he has been a blind fellow.

Almustafa would have done better if he first hammered the scholar a little, and looked at the poverty of his question.

And then a scholar said, Speak of Talking.

Only parrots can ask that question. Talking? - was the scholar a baby who does not know how to talk? Almustafa did not indicate, “Your question is stupid and you are a very scholarly idiot.” He started answering him. He is not taking any note of the questioner. And I say unto you again and again: unless the questioner is answered, just to answer the question is not of much use because it is arising out of the questioner and his ignorance. You have to light a candle in his being first; perhaps then he may be able to understand what you are going to say. This is not a small matter; it is the most important matter.

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