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Chapter 10: Please Wake Up

A wise man hesitates; a wise man cannot be so certain. A wise man knows the multiplicity of life. A wise man knows the multi-dimensional existence. A wise man knows that all that we know is nothing in comparison to that which remains to be known. The unknown is always more than the known. The known is just like a grain of sand. Buddha has said so: “Whatsoever I know,” he says, “is just like a grain of sand, and whatsoever I don’t know is the whole sand of the earth, of all the Ganges, of all the rivers, of all the seas.”

Certainty is not something valuable. It is comfortable, true; so is stupidity comfortable. An idiot seems to be the most blessed man. Why? - he has no confusion, he has really no mind to be confused. He has such a tiny flicker of intelligence that he cannot afford confusion. The greater the intelligence, the greater you can afford confusion. Hence I say this age is the age of confusion - because this age is the age of intelligence.

The old certainty is gone and the old foolishness too - and good! And I hope it is gone for good. Confusion has entered: this is the first step toward clarity. If you are really courageous, you will question everything that you know, and you will question absolutely. And you should not be very soft about it. You should question everything that you know, and through questioning, all that you know is eliminated. And don’t be in a hurry to be certain, otherwise you will not be able to question. Your questioning will become dishonest. If your questioning is honest, then it has to go to the very core of your being.

A seeker of truth becomes a fire, a thirst, a great hunger. He puts his whole life at stake. Of course, he has to take the risk of being confused; he will be confused. But if you persist, and you don’t cling to something just for clarity, just for certainty, just to be comfortable; if you don’t cling to something, if your search is authentic, one day you will see that all has disappeared.

First comes confusion; confusion cuts the roots of your knowledge. Once all knowledge has disappeared, confusion also disappears - because confusion cannot exist without knowledge. You believe in God and somebody says there is no God: there is confusion because you believe, and he says there is no God - conflict. But if you are able to see that maybe there is no God, and your belief was just a belief, and you drop the belief. You say, “Okay, I will now believe only when I know, and I have not known yet. So good: this man who says there is no God has helped me to get rid of a belief that was only a belief and not my own experience. It was borrowed, so I drop it.”

If you drop the belief. I am not saying to start believing that there is no God, because then again you will be confused someday. Then you can come to somebody else who is tremendously happy, prayerful: his very vibe says that there is more to life, and he says there is God, and God has happened to him - again you will be confused. Now you were clinging to the belief that there is no God, and here comes this man.

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