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Chapter 18: Totality: The Foundation of Freedom

But any question, and any answer.the question will produce more questions from the answer, and in this way you can go on thinking your whole life, never reaching anywhere, never finding anything.

Try to solve existential problems by existential methods.

Except for meditation, you cannot find a space within you which is questionless. And as questions disappear, what purpose do answers have?

Questions gone, answers are also gone. You have come to feel the peace that passeth understanding, the serenity that becomes a song in somebody, that becomes dance in somebody else, and the ultimate feeling of being grounded, centered, which makes you part of the universe. And unless a man is a part of the universe - not theoretically but experientially - he cannot get rid of problems. Mind will go on producing questions ad infinitum.

Rather than think, it is better to enter into silence. Just moments of silence are more valuable than years of your work, because the work can give you only something of the world. Silence can give you the opening into the other world, the first glimpse of godliness.

While I was at Rajneeshpuram, it was discovered I had cancer. My anguish was that I would get lost in an unconscious death and not find the way back to you. I am boundlessly grateful that your presence and grace have helped in healing me. The other day, I had food poisoning - and again, the anguish. It was easy to be identified with the body in physical pain. I hear that doctors give morphine to dying patients to relieve the discomfort. Osho, please speak on meditation at the point of death. Is it possible to meditate under medication? And what about the consciousness of those dying under anesthesia, sleep or coma?

A few things.first, there is no death as such. Death is the great illusion, because it always happens to the other; it never happens to you, so you always see it from the outside.

You don’t know what is happening inside at the very innermost center. Something tremendously valuable is happening there, but all that you know is that the man cannot speak, cannot breathe, cannot walk. His pulse is gone, his heartbeat is lost - he is dead.

It is not true. It is almost as if somebody says he loves and you dissect the man’s heart and try to find out where love is. I don’t think you will find where love is, because love is not matter. It is a quality. You can experience it but you cannot catch hold of it.

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