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Chapter 4: The Forgotten Language of Ecstasy

“The way of religion” means not to be idiotic. Don’t have any private goal. The universal goal is enough. Be in tune with it, be together with it. Don’t fight it, flow with it. Wherever the whole is going, move with it and you will not have any worry, you will not have any anguish, and you will not be split, and you will not be torn apart. Religion means that which puts you together - you are not torn apart, you are not falling in fragments; you become integrated.

Religion is the science of how to find the forgotten language of ecstasy. Whenever you are in tune with existence, there is ecstasy, there is bliss, there is benediction.

It happens to you too - you may not be aware. Sometimes, looking at the trees, the greenery fills you. Suddenly you are in tune with the trees: you are no longer the observer and the trees are no longer the observed. You are not separate, something bridges you. Suddenly there is a contact, a connectedness, a link. Your mind stops chattering, you are as silent as the tree. You start feeling. Your heart throbs with a new vitality and a new vibe - and there is bliss. And you are so fulfilled and so contented.

The tree has not given you anything. The tree is very poor in that way. What can a tree give to a human being? It cannot give you money, it cannot give you power. It cannot give anything that you would like to have, but suddenly, just sitting by the side of the tree, leaning against it, feeling it, feeling its shape arising in it, the fragrance that subtly surrounds it - and you were lost, you were ecstatic, you were in tune. By being in tune with the tree, you became in tune with the universe.

Sometimes sitting by the side of a river and watching it, everything becomes quiet and calm. Not that you do something to become quiet and calm; nobody can do anything, and if you do, it is absurd. You can sit still like a Buddha statue but that is not going to help.

A disciple came to Bokuju, and to impress him, he sat like Buddha. Bokuju came and the disciple was absolutely still, with closed eyes. Bokuju laughed loudly and hit him hard on the head, and he said, “Get up, you fool! We already have too many buddhas in this temple! Get out from here! Can’t you see?”

Bokuju used to live in a temple which had one thousand Buddha statues.

He said, “Can’t you see? One thousand buddhas are here, and you also want to become a buddha?”

The disciple was very worried. He wanted to impress the master, that “I am a great meditator.” And Bokuju said, “Drop all this rubbish. Be alive. Don’t pretend, and don’t enforce.”

Yes, one day one sits like Buddha, but that is nothing of your doing. It comes, it happens. It is not a doing at all.

Listening to the sound of water or looking at the floating clouds in the sky, suddenly it is there. It envelops you. You have fallen in tune with existence.

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