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Chapter 5: The Risk Is Worth Taking

“Yeah, he’s a dumb dog,” said Benson. “The stem is the best part.”


Mr. Benchley was quietly drinking his martini in a corner when a lady approached him and said, “Don’t you know that stuff you are drinking is slow poison?”

“That’s all right,” he answered. “I’m in no hurry.”


The car hit her and a hundred yards away he stopped and looked back.

“Watch out!” he shouted.

The woman raised herself on her elbow and screamed, “Why - are you coming back?”

The fifth and the last:

Roxanne, a beautiful, well-built blonde, applied at a circus for the job of a lion tamer. Ralph was another candidate.

“I will give you both a chance,” said the manager. “The girl can go first.”

Roxanne, wearing a full-length mink coat, entered the cage. A huge lion was let in with her and immediately the animal started to charge.

Suddenly, Roxanne opened her fur coat and stood there, completely naked. The lion stopped dead in his tracks and began licking her feet, then her hands, then he went meekly back to the corner.

The manager was amazed. He turned towards the young man. “Well, pal, do you think you can top that?”

“I sure can,” said Ralph. “You just get that stupid lion out of there and I will show you.”

Now, the sutras:

These stories are about the state of humanity. They are different aspects of man’s unconsciousness, his mechanicalness, different aspects of man’s unawareness. Man goes on living like a robot. All his behavior comes out of a dark space within him. Hence the misery of the world. Unless that inner space is lit, becomes full of light, there is no hope for humanity.

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