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Chapter 3: God Is Just like Tomorrow

These are the three steps of enlightenment. First, buddha comes behind you with all his warmth and grace and beauty and blissfulness and benediction, as a shadow.

Soon he takes over. You become the shadow in the second step.

And in the second step, your shadow by and by starts withering away, because it has been only a shadow and nothing else.

In the third step you find you are the buddha, and the person you used to be is no more to be found anywhere.

That day will be the greatest day of celebration in your life - not only in your life, but in the life of the whole existence. The whole existence will celebrate: the trees, the stars, the moon, the oceans, the earth - everything around you will have a tremendous ceremony to welcome your coming home.

After a long wandering into different bodies, into different species, finally you have come home.



Come back, but come back with the same grace a buddha comes, with the same silence.

Sit down for a few moments, reminding yourself of the golden path you have traveled, and the tremendous space you have been in.

And feel the radiance and the coolness of a buddha behind you.

He is almost touching your body and your heart. He is so motherly, he is so feminine, so fragile - just like a lotus leaf.

Rejoice that you are those chosen few Friedrich Nietzsche speaks of. Soon you will start having a new sensitivity to your ears, and a new light will be shown in your eyes, and a new dance will be in your heart.

The spring is coming soon, and you are all going to blossom into buddhas. Less than that is not sufficient.

You have to be a buddha; only that experience of the ultimate height and the ultimate depth will bring you home. The very source from where you have come is also the goal where you are going.

And I am immensely happy with you. You are doing so well, with such honesty that any master would have been proud of you.

God is dead, and Zen is the only living truth.