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Chapter 20: Nobody Can Expect Consistency from Me

When you really love someone you cannot even say to the person, “I love you.” The words seem to fall too short.in fact, seem profane. They don’t express your experience, they don’t express your heart. They are dull and dead. They don’t have the radiance, the fragrance of your love.

It is very difficult for the lover to say, “I love you.” Words are miles away from what is growing in his heart. People start saying to each other “I love you” when love is dead. Husbands and wives say to each other, “I love you.”

Dale Carnegie in his book, How To Win Friends And Influence People, suggests that every husband should say at least three times a day to his wife, “I love you.” Now, this type of nonsense can be written only by an American.

This man knows nothing about love - he is simply a businessman. What he is talking is business, not love. He would have been far more successful as a salesman of secondhand cars rather than being a philosopher of love. He has never loved anybody.

But what he is saying makes some sense. When love dies you can express it. When it is alive, you can live it, but you cannot express it; your whole being may say it, but not your words. Your eyes may be full of it, but not your words; they are empty, and there is no way to fill them.

This is a tragedy in a way: that love cannot be said but hate is very articulate; that the best has to remain unexpressed and the worst is loudly expressed; that the best has no logic to support it and the worst has all the logic to support it - it can argue, it can protest.

I am going around the world for all those people who are already with me; also for those people who would like to be with me, but their love is silent. I will also be going for those who have been sympathetic. Sympathy is not enough, but it is an indication that they can take a few steps and become part of my lovers. Sympathy in itself is not enough, but it is a good indication of where the wind is blowing, the direction.

There are people who are just indecisive. They have not yet decided for or against. If I don’t reach them soon there is a possibility they may decide against, because those negative loudspeakers are continuously bombarding their ears. All the yellow newspapers, magazines; the governments, the religious leaders - they are all trying hard to convince them to be on their side. I don’t need to convince them. I have just to be close to them, and that will do it.

They don’t know me, yet without knowing me they have not decided against me. The moment they know me, there is no question of their deciding against me - because they have been continuously fed arguments against me, and still they have remained undecided, open.

All these categories together can make millions of people.. And the strangest thing of all is that the people who think they are enemies of mine have no argument against me. They are fighting a losing battle. They know it. I have touched precisely their life nerve.

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