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Chapter 18: A Good Laugh Is the Greatest Prayer

You often talk to us about grace.
It seems to be such a beautiful word but my understanding of its meaning feels limited. I know that it is something you have.
Could you speak some more about it?

Grace is one of the great mysteries of life. It is not something physical, not psychological but something spiritual. It is not within your power to create it. Any created grace will be false, phony.

Grace comes as a flowering of your being.

The moment your meditation reaches to the deepest core, to the very center of the cyclone, a tremendous silence, peace and blissfulness arise within you. Grace is the total effect of all these qualities: silence, peace, love, compassion, blissfulness, ecstasy. When these things arise in you, their flame, their fire starts radiating from your physical body. They are so much they start overflowing. That overflowing of your inner ecstasy is what can be defined as grace.

So it is possible a man or a woman may not be beautiful physically, but when grace arises their physical beauty or their physical absence of beauty is completely changed. Whatever their physique is, is overwhelmed by something inner which is far more powerful.

It is just like a lamp: the flame is inside; what you see outside the glass of the lamp is the radiation. The glass may be beautiful; the glass may not be very beautiful. The glass may be made of crystal; the glass may be made in India. Once the inner flame is lit you don’t see the glass, you see the light. When the inner flame is not lit you will see the glass because there is nothing else to see. Then you will differentiate between a beautiful man and an ugly man, a beautiful woman or a homely woman. Just to avoid the word ugly they have found a beautiful word, homely.

But these distinctions remain only if the inner light is still dormant. Once the inner light comes radiating through the body, you don’t see the body, you see a beautiful radiance, a beautiful aura surrounding the person. That is grace.

Grace transforms your physical body completely, because nobody can see now exactly what your physical body is. The grace is so stunning, every gesture becomes so beautiful. Your eyes radiate a totally new silence. They open to such great depths that they become almost unfathomable. Your words are not just language, something more is added to them. A fragrance, a beauty, a music, even your prose sounds like poetry. Ordinary words start having an extraordinary effect because your inner experience gives them authority.

Before, they were empty, just used cartridges, they had nothing in them. Now they are still the same words; the container is the same, but the content is a new addition to it. Now the content radiates through the words, and you can see it in many ways.

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