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Chapter 12: All Buddhas Are Gamblers

The open secret is a subtle boundary. Everybody comes close to it and feels that if he goes one step further, madness is going to happen. I have seen Kavisho getting almost to the brink.and then holding herself back. Avirbhava goes to the brink immediately; then she tries to stop me. She shows me this.and no more. She closes her eyes.she wants to make me afraid by opening her big eyes - but I can also open my big eyes.

One day she was at such a brink: she became so much afraid now the moment has come, that she put her head between her legs and her hands under her legs - just to avoid me. She sometimes starts crying.. But I don’t care at all; I go on doing my thing! Just to avoid me, sometimes she sits on this side; when she gathers courage, she sits on that side.

Yes, Kavisho, this is the open secret. Today, try to go into it. I am here; don’t be worried. I have gone more deeply into it than anyone else: no madness happens, no insanity happens, no death happens. Just once you have to go into it, and then you are absolutely relaxed. Then you can move into it and out of it just like you move in and out of your house: you never wonder whether to go out or not, whether to go in or not.

Your inner being is your greater life. Death can happen outside, but not inside. Even when people die, they die only on the outside; the inside is immortality.

And madness happens through thinking; madness has never happened through non-thinking. So when the moment comes and the mind is empty, and all thoughts have disappeared and you see a deep tunnel into yourself, don’t turn back. Slowly, slowly people go: inch by inch people go. Gather courage! Don’t experience God in installments: don’t be American.

You said a few days ago that the really innovative man comes two hundred years ahead of his time. You also said that time is elastic. Haven’t you chosen to come precisely now, before these chaotic times the world is facing, so men will be more receptive to a radical change? And is the ever-faster-growing communication technology not making in this respect the world smaller for your message to spread? Will it really take two hundred years for mankind to open up to your vision?

We are living in a very special time. There are not two hundred years available. If man does not understand my message now, there will be no man after two hundred years to understand. Two hundred years is very long; even twenty years..

Mankind has never been at such a critical moment as it is today. There have been wars - thousands of wars - but they were not going to destroy all life. In the ancient days, wars were almost like football games.

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