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Chapter 13: The Taste of Now

So Western psychology has helped the Western mind to be very irresponsible. The Western revolts of the youth and other rebellions, destructive movements, they are really created by the Western psychology within these last fifty years. Freud is more responsible for this than Marx because he has said, “You are already complete by seven years of age. Your parents are responsible, you are not responsible. So whatsoever you are doing - if you are a criminal, if you are a murderer - you cannot do anything. You have to be. And now your dead parents cannot be changed. And those dead parents are also not responsible, because their parents..”

So, ultimately, Freud comes to the same conclusion that Christianity reached before: “Adam committed the sin and we are not responsible. He is responsible, Adam, the first father. And because of him everything is decided. Now we are born in sin and we will have to die in sin.”

If you move with Freud you will reach the same conclusion: “If parents are responsible, then ultimately Adam and Eve are responsible. But how to change Adam and Eve now? That is impossible. So whatsoever is, is, continues.”

This is not acceptance, this is defeatism. And human dignity is lost. If you cannot do anything, if you cannot transform yourself, you lose all human dignity. You have become just an automaton, a mechanical thing. You will run the course, because your parents have given you a winding, so you will run the course and then you will die. In the meantime, if you have the opportunity you will give a winding to other fellows, and they will continue.

This is most degrading. Man can change himself: that possibility is always with you. And this concept, this very concept that “I can change myself,” starts the change. The revolution has taken place. The revolution has begun.

And, lastly, it has been asked, “Is it not necessary that the religious man should seek to bring about a radical change in the very pattern of society?”

He, the religious man, is the radical change in the pattern of society. He will not try to bring any radical change in the society. He is the radical change.