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Chapter 24: Doubt or Faith, Life or Death: The Bases of Different Paths

Your basic type cannot be changed, so it is very essential to know your basic type - because if you are doing something which doesn’t suit you, fit with you, you are wasting time and energy. And you will get more and more confused because of your wrong efforts. Neither can doubt be created in you, nor faith. You already have the seed of either this or that. If you have doubt, then it is better not to think of faith at all, because that will be a deception and hypocrisy. If you have doubt, do not be afraid - Even doubt can lead to the divine. You have to use it.

I will repeat, even doubt can lead to the divine - because if your doubt can destroy the divine, then it is stronger, more powerful than the divine. Even doubt can be used, it can be made a technique. But do not deceive. There are persons who go on teaching that if you have doubts, you can never reach to the divine. So what to do? Then you have to force it underneath, suppress it, hide it, create a false belief. But that will be only on the surface, it will never touch your soul. Deep down you will remain in doubt, and just on the surface a facade will be created of belief.

That is the difference between faith and belief. Belief is always false. Faith is a quality; belief is a concept. Faith is the quality of your mind; belief is just acquired. So those who have doubt and are afraid of it, they cling to beliefs; they say, “I believe,” but they have no faith. Deep down they know their doubt. They are always afraid of it. If you touch, criticize their belief, they will immediately get angry. Why? Why the anger, this irritation? They are not irritated by you, they are irritated by their own doubt which you are helping to come up. If a man of faith is there you can criticize him and he is not going to get angry, because you cannot destroy faith.

A Ramakrishna is the type, or a Chaitanya or a Meera - they are feeling types. One of the most beautiful minds of Bengal, Keshav Chandra, went to meet Ramakrishna. He went not just to meet him, but to defeat him, because Ramakrishna was just an illiterate, not a scholar at all. And Keshav Chandra was one of the greatest minds ever born on Indian soil, one of the most keen, logical intellects. It was certain that Ramakrishna would be defeated. When Keshav Chandra came, all the intellectuals of Calcutta gathered at Dakshineshwar just to see Ramakrishna defeated. Keshav Chandra started arguing, but he must have felt very awkward because Ramakrishna enjoyed his arguments very much - in fact, too much. When he would propose some argument against God, Ramakrishna would start jumping, dancing.

He felt very awkward, so he said, “What are you doing? You have to answer my arguments.” Ramakrishna is reported to have said, “By my seeing you, my faith is strengthened. Such an intellect is impossible without God.” That is how a feeling type looks at things. “And I predict,” said Ramakrishna, “that sooner or later you will be a greater devotee than me because you have a greater mind. With such a mind, how can you fight the divine? With such a keen mind? Even a fool, an idiot like me, has reached. How can you remain without reaching?”

He was not angry, not arguing, but he defeated Keshav Chandra. Keshav Chandra touched his feet and he said, “You are the first theist I have met with whom argument is futile. Looking at your eyes, looking at you and the way you have behaved with me, this is the first glimpse for me that the divine is possible. You are the proof without giving any proof.” Ramakrishna became the proof.

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