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Chapter 6: Expectation Breeds Frustration

But these are not our problems. Our only problem is how to be in this moment, so totally, so intensely that we don’t need another moment. This will be enough to give us fulfillment, contentment, ecstasy, which I don’t think this man Dada has ever glimpsed.

Pessimists cannot get it; optimists only hope for it. We are realists, existentialists: we have it right now.

It is not a question of getting fed up, it is not a question of hoping for the future. We take the present moment and squeeze the whole juice of it - that’s our religion. Wherever we will be, one thing is certain: we will recognize each other just by the style of squeezing the juice from the present moment.

Faces may be different, planets may be different, that does not mean anything. We have a key to recognize our people: in their eyes, in their faces, they are always existential.

Milarepa, you are my instrument. Your guitar is my guitar. Your fingers playing on the instruments are my fingers. Can’t you allow that?

Ramakrishna was dying. He had a cancer of the throat; he could not eat, could not drink. His disciples continuously were harassing him saying “Why don’t you close your eyes and tell the mother goddess?” - he was the priest of a temple of mother goddess Kali - “Just saying, ‘Remove this cancer’ will be enough.”

Ramakrishna said, “Don’t be angry with me. I have tried it, but the moment I close my eyes and I see the mother goddess, I forget about the cancer.”

All the disciples gathered with Ramakrishna’s wife, Sharda, and told her, “Now only you can help.”

Sharda went to Ramakrishna and said, “This time you are not going to forget the cancer. Why are you making so many people miserable?”

And Ramakrishna respected his wife so much; she was almost a mother to him rather than a wife. He touched her feet the very moment he had been shown her as a candidate for marriage. Everybody thought, “This boy is mad. Who touches the feet of the wife? - and she is not your wife yet.”

And the first thing he called to her was, “Mother, don’t forget me; I had chosen you.”

Everybody in the village tortured him, “You idiot, the wife is not called mother. And touching her feet.” He had three rupees. He offered those three rupees to the feet of Sharda. The family of Sharda also became puzzled: “The man seems to be crazy.”

But Sharda insisted that if she will marry anyone, that is the man: “The innocence, the purity.he is no ordinary human being. He has something of the beyond already” - and he was only thirteen years old.

Since Sharda married Ramakrishna he always called her mother. It doesn’t look good not to follow the advice of the mother. He said, “I will try one time more, and because you are telling me, I will put my whole energy to remember what I have to say to the mother goddess.”

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