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Chapter 5: To Hell with Enlightenment!

I said, “You should force him onto the sofa: Lie down! You are not in a state to walk or to sit, and I am going to call the doctor. And just note down what he says.”

And when he forced him there was no resistance. He was very happy, and said to the peon, “I never thought that you were so kind. I needed to rest. Now you bring the doctor.”

It was a very small, but very beautiful university - perhaps the most uniquely situated in the whole of India, on a hill above a vast lake, and so many lotus flowers, and thick, lush greenery all around the university. The doctor came, because he was just next door, and I had told him, “Be ready. Inject him with just pure water. Do all kinds of testing, and tell him, ‘You are not in a position to do any mental work for at least three months. I hope that the brain tumor will subside by itself if you don’t exert yourself. There will be no need for surgery, but one cannot be certain about such things, and I will have to talk to the head surgeon.’”

And Professor Roy said, “You just bring your car and take me back home.” And the head of the department had not yet come, so he told the doctor, “I am not in a position to write; you write that I am not feeling well and I am going back home, and perhaps it will take some time for me to get myself together.” He signed the note, and you could see - his handwriting was very beautiful, but that day his signature was shaky.

Back home, he slept the whole day. He could not eat anything; he said, “I have no appetite.” The wife became afraid about what kind of experiment I was doing. He was talking about a brain tumor, and surgery, and three months rest!

And then I went and collected all the notes from everybody in serial number: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven.and I went to Professor Roy. He was under a blanket - in hot summer! I said, “Just please read these notes.”

He said, “I am not in a position.”

I said, “Don’t be worried; I am in a position, I can read to you. From the very morning, these are your seven statements.”

And when he heard his statements, he said, “You rascal!” He threw away the blanket and he said, “Hell to that brain tumor; I have nothing. I knew from the very beginning that it was a strange conspiracy! But I never thought about you, that you would do such a thing to me. You could have killed me! I have to phone to the head surgeon because he is to come to check me and decide whether I should rest or an immediate operation is needed!”

I said, “No operation is needed; the operation is complete! This is what I wanted to prove to you, that you live by the opinions of others, you are not independent. You can’t trust even your own feeling that you are healthy. If so many people repeat something, you go on falling. Just look at your statements.”

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