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Chapter 10: I Love the Rascal Saints

Go for the rare, search for the unique. Only then may you be able to find a door to the unknown.

The ordinary saint is good if you want just to worship and touch his feet and give him some flowers and get his blessings. He is good - he does no harm, he is a consolation. In a troubled society where everybody is miserable he gives you consolation. Where everybody is suffering he provides you with a certain kind of opium. He keeps you contented in a very discontented world.

But the rare saint you asked about creates discontent in you - discontent for the divine. Your ordinary discontentment is nothing, he wants more discontent in you. He wants you to become aflame with discontent. Your very discontent will become such a fire that it will burn everything that is not necessary in you, that is not really part of you, and will bring out your radiant being in its utter beauty and nakedness.

I love the rascal saints!

Nobody has talked about them, nobody writes about them. Nobody even dares to call some saint a rascal saint. But I cannot be untruthful.

I simple call a spade a spade!