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Chapter 2: Session 2

Seventh, Masnavi of Jalaluddin Rumi. It is a book of small parables. The great can only be expressed in parables. Jesus speaks in parables: so speaks the Masnavi. Why did I forget it? I love parables; I should not have forgotten it. I have used hundreds of parables from it. Perhaps it has become so much of my own that I forgot to mention it separately. But that is no excuse, apology is still required.

Eighth: the eighth is the Isa Upanishad. It is easy to understand why I forgot about it. I have drunk it, it has become a part of my blood and bones; it is me. I have spoken on it hundreds of times. It is a very small Upanishad. There are one hundred and eight Upanishads and Isa is the smallest of them all. It can be printed on a postcard, on one side only, but it contains all the remaining one hundred and seven, so they need not be mentioned. The seed is in the Isa.

The word Isa means divine. You may be surprised that in India we don’t call Christ “Christ,” we call him Isa - Isa, which is far closer to the original Aramaic Yeshua, in English “Joshua.” His parents must have called him Yeshu. Yeshu is too long. The name traveled to India and from Yeshu became Isu. India immediately recognized that Isu is so close to Isa, which means God, that it would be better to call him Isa.

The Isa Upanishad is one of the greatest creations of those who have meditated.

Ninth: I forgot to say something about Gurdjieff and his book All and Everything.perhaps because it is a very strange book, not even readable. I don’t think there are any living individuals except me who have read from the first page to the last. I have come across many Gurdjieff followers, but none of them had been able to read All and Everything in its totality.

It is a big book - just the opposite of the Isa Upanishad - one thousand pages. And Gurdjieff is such a rascal saint - please allow me this expression, rascal saint - he writes in such a way that it becomes impossible to read. One sentence may go running on for pages. By the time you come to the end of the sentence you have forgotten its beginning. And he uses words he made up himself, just like me. Strange words.for example when he was writing about kundalini, he called it “kundabuffer”; that was his word for kundalini. This book is of immense value, but the diamonds are hidden among ordinary stones. One has to seek and search.

I have read this book not once but many times. The more I went into it the more I loved it, because the more I could see the rascal, the more I could see what it was that he was hiding from those who should not know. Knowledge is not for those who are not yet capable of absorbing it. Knowledge has to be hidden from the unwary, and is only for those who can digest it. It has to be given only to those who are ready. That’s the whole purpose of writing in such a strange way. There is no other book stranger than Gurdjieff’s All and Everything, and it certainly is all and everything.

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