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Chapter 10: I Love the Rascal Saints

But there have been rascals who became great saints: Chuang Tzu in China, Hotei in Japan, Bodhidharma in India; and in this very century, George Gurdjieff in the West.just to mention the very great and very significant people of tremendous importance as saints. But you cannot include them in the ordinary concept of the saint.

They are very colorful people, very alive, living intensely. They have not renounced the world; they do not see the need to renounce it. Because God has not renounced the world, why should they renounce the world? And God loves all these colors and these flowers and these birds and these songs and these people. Existence is multi-dimensional. It accommodates, it is very compassionate. It will not prevent a rascal from becoming a saint. Of course the very quality of the rascal’s being will be totally transformed.

Chuang Tzu remained an enigma to all the religious people in China for centuries because of his behavior, his statements, his absurd stories which nobody can think of as being holy in any way. They certainly contain something holier than the so-called holy books, but to perceive it one needs great insight.

One morning Chuang Tzu was sitting, very sad, by the side of his bed. His disciples had never seen him sad, and they asked him what had happened.

He said, “I am in such trouble that I don’t see how I will be able to solve it in this life or ever.”

Everybody was eager to know about the problem that Chuang Tzu could not solve. He was one of the greatest philosophers, and whenever they came with great problems, he had never said that they could not be solved; he had answers for every question. So what could be the problem?

Chuang Tzu said, “The problem is, in the night I dreamed that I have become a butterfly.”

They all laughed; they said, “It was just a dream! Where is the problem?”

Chuang Tzu said, “You have not heard the whole thing. Now I am wondering: perhaps the butterfly has gone to sleep and is dreaming that she has become Chuang Tzu! Now, what is the truth? Did Chuang Tzu become a butterfly in the dream, or did the butterfly become Chuang Tzu in the dream? Who am I?”

It is perfectly logical. If a man can become a butterfly in a dream, there seems to be no contradiction; a butterfly can become a man in a dream. What is reality?

And he has written these kinds of parables - absurd. You cannot solve them, they are basically unsolvable. He was asked why he goes on writing such stuff - “Because we have never heard religious people writing such things. They write about God, they write about heaven, about hell; they write about how to live your life. And you write things that disturb us! They don’t help us.”

And he said, “Unless you are totally disturbed you will not be reborn. Unless you are so disturbed that nothing of you remains undisturbed, you will not find yourself; you will not find that space which nothing can disturb. I go on writing these stories to disturb you.

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