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Chapter 3: We Are the Pilgrims of the Unknowable

But I know, if you meet God, he will not know the reason either. What reason can he supply for why he painted the peacock’s feathers so beautifully? What was the reason? Why has he given a long white tail to the bird of paradise?

You will find it here in my garden. It comes and goes seasonally. Just two days ago, it came again. For a few months it had disappeared. It has such a white tail, so snow-white, and the bird is very small and black. And such a small bird, carrying such a long white tail - it does not make any sense. Because of the tail, the bird can hardly fly. He simply jumps from one tree to another tree. Now what reason could there be? But he is so beautiful, just the combination of colors is so beautiful.

Beauty need not be rational; nor does bliss need to be rational, nor silence. Meditation is not a rational endeavor: it is basically irrational. To be more accurate, it is suprarational: it goes beyond reason and all its concepts.

Picasso was right, because he was simply saying that nobody asks God.Everybody goes to pray in the church, in the synagogue, in the temple, and nobody asks him, “What is the purpose of it all?” The sun goes on rising every morning, creating such a beautiful sunrise over the oceans, over the mountains, creating so many beautiful colors on the horizon - for a strange reason which I don’t know.

I was a student in a university which has, perhaps, the best location in the whole world - certainly in India. I have visited many universities, but the University of Sagar, a very small place, has some special quality to it - not the university, but the mountain and the lake. The university is on the mountain, a small mountain, but the lake is very vast, miles long.

I have seen the horizon being painted every morning by God, every evening by God in many places around the world, but I have never seen so many psychedelic colors as he manages at Sagar University. I have never seen such colors as when the sun rises over the lake and when it sets over the mountains. It spreads so many colors, absolutely without any reason, just out of sheer abundance!

After seeing the mornings and evenings in Sagar I have been searching for the same colors, but I have not found them anywhere. Every place seems to be poor as far as mornings and evenings are concerned. Sagar is a small place. The only beautiful thing is that it has a university in one of the most beautiful places. But why should God be so generous? There is no reason.

Even if you meet God, he cannot explain anything to you. That’s why I have removed the very hypothesis of God. There is no need of God, because to accept God is to put so much burden and tension and worry and concern on the poor fellow. It is better that he is not. It is not that I’m against God - it is just out of my love and compassion. I feel he should not be! My own way of denying God is totally different from an atheist’s - they are against him. I am absolutely for him, but he is not there.

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