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Chapter 6: The Meaning of Responsibility

Even if you reach me with a demand, the demand has to go to Hasya, Anuradha, John - the people who will be running the commune. So why bother me? Why should you not take your demand directly to them? And your demand has to be rational, legitimate.

I had said that the people who are suffering from AIDS - we have isolated them - should be given whatever we can give to them: respect, love. They should not be treated as criminals or condemned people. They are victims. And you listened and you followed it.

But they started becoming dictators. They started asking for Havana cigars, Mexican cigars, champagne. They thought that I have allowed them - as if by bringing AIDS here, they have brought a great contribution to the commune. I was trying to respect their humanity, but they were not only AIDS patients, they were idiots too.

By the way, Sheela and her group’s crimes go on growing every day more and more. Two of those people who were found with AIDS have been checked again; their results were negative, they were forced there. But Puja was culturing all kinds of viruses, and she managed to make their results come out positive. This is so ugly - and from a woman! And what was the reason for all this?

Those people had refused to participate in certain crimes that the group wanted. This was a punishment. Neither of them is an AIDS patient. But what a punishment! Man can be so inhuman to other men that it is almost inconceivable. This was one reason.

The second reason was that they wanted - they had already created a housing complex in the City of Rajneesh for five hundred people, with separate attached bathrooms - they wanted to make an AIDS home. They never said that to me.

To me they said they wanted to make it for people who are recovering, people who are old and their families don’t want them, people who are suffering from diseases and need treatment, and our medical corporation can take charge of those people. I said, “That’s perfectly good.”

But finally, when they wanted to open the AIDS home, at the last moment they wanted me to be in the press conference to declare it. I said, “But this was never told to me.”

I immediately canceled the press conference, because to bring AIDS people, five hundred people, is endangering not only our commune; it is endangering all the people around the City of Rajneesh, in fact, endangering the whole of Oregon.

That was their way to take revenge on the Oregonians - clever, but ugly, inhuman, disgusting. They have spent almost two million dollars on the housing complex, and now it is lying empty.

No sannyasin wants to go and live there. In fact, the people they had forced to live in Antelope don’t want to go there. Remember it: for four years you were going there without any complaint. Just a little longer, on your own responsibility.because the harm that you have done to Antelope, the wounds that you have given to the people of Antelope, you have to heal them.

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