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Chapter 4: How Can You Deceive?

Friday night rolled around, and Moskowitz pushed back his chair after a delicious chicken dinner, and lit up a big cigar. This was too much for the director, who called Moskowitz into his office.

“Now, see here, Moskowitz. You’re getting away with murder. You get the best meals because you claim you only eat kosher food. And now, on Friday night, on your Sabbath, you flout your religion and smoke a cigar!”

Moskowitz merely shrugged his shoulders. “Why are you arguing with me?” he said. “I’m crazy, ain’t I?”

Remember, the mind is very cunning. It can always find rationalizations. It can call ego ‘self’, ‘soul’. It can call egoistic attitudes self-respect, and hide itself behind those words.

You have to be hard. You have to expose your mind to the very roots. only then is there a possibility of your being exploding in bloom. The mind has to be dropped, and it is dropped only when it is exposed. It is a cheat, it is a fraud.

Enough for today.