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Chapter 69: You Are Unknown to Yourself

And when you feel that the sky has become silence, only then should you try to be filled with bliss. As silence deepens you will have the first glimpse of bliss. As tension increases, you have the first glimpse of misery, strain; as silence deepens you will feel at ease, at home, relaxed, and the first glimpse of bliss will come to you. And when that glimpse comes, then you can imagine that the whole space is now filled with that bliss.

Consider the plenum to be your own body of bliss.

The whole sky becomes your body of bliss.

You can do it separately, there is no need to join it to the first, but the same requirements are needed - endless space, silence, no human beings around you. Why this insistence on no human beings around you? Because the moment you see a human being you will start reacting in the old ways. You cannot see a human being without reacting. Something or other will happen to you immediately. He brings you back to your old patterns. If you don’t see human beings you forget that you are human, and to forget that you are human, part of society, is good. It is good to remember that simply you are, even if you don’t know what. You don’t belong to anybody, to any society, to any group, to any religion. This non-belonging will be helpful.

So it will be good if you move alone somewhere and do this, practice this. Alone this technique will be helpful, but remember to start with something that you can feel. I have seen people doing techniques which they cannot feel. If you cannot feel, if you don’t have any experience, even a glimpse, then the whole thing becomes false. A man came to me and he said, “I am practicing that God is everywhere.” So I asked him, “How can you practice? What do you imagine? Have you any taste, any feeling of God? Only then will it be easy to imagine. Otherwise, you will be simply thinking that you are imagining and nothing will happen.”

Remember this for any technique you do - at the start you must do something you are acquainted with; you may not be totally acquainted with it, but a little glimpse will be necessary. Only then can you progress, step by step. But don’t jump into something which is absolutely unknown to you because then you cannot feel it and you cannot imagine it. Because of this, many masters, particularly Buddha, completely dropped the word God. Buddha said, “You cannot work with it. It is the very end, and you cannot bring the end into the beginning. So begin from the very beginning.” He said, “Forget the end, the end will follow automatically.” And he said to his disciples, “Don’t think of God. Think of compassion. Think of love.” So he doesn’t say that one should feel that God is everywhere, one should simply feel compassion for everyone who is there - for the tree, for human beings, for animals. Simply feel compassion. Feel sympathetic, create a love.because love you know, howsoever little. There has been something like love in everybody’s life. You may not have loved, but someone may have loved you, your mother at least. You must have looked into her eyes: she loved you.