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Chapter 8: Be True to Love

Now, the opposite extreme, that you cannot stay with the same woman the next night again. This too is again repressive. If you want to be with her the next night also, then.? Then it will be repression. With the first, love disappeared and boredom entered. With the second, intimacy will disappear and you will feel very alienated, like an island. You will not feel your roots anywhere.

Tantra says: Just in the middle is the way. Be in that place, be with that person, be in that job where you are enjoying, otherwise change. If you can enjoy one woman for your whole life, it is beautiful, it is tremendously beautiful. You are fortunate, because then intimacy will grow, your roots will go into each other, your beings will become intertwined. By and by you will become one person, one soul, and that is a great experience, the highest peak of Tantra will be known through it! But this is not family, this is love affair. You have gone into the very depth of love.

Now this type of people, this A. A. Commune, these types of people are dangerous! They think they are doing something very great; they are simply reacting. The society has done something wrong, now they are reacting too much and going to the opposite extreme, which will be again wrong. Man has to be balanced somewhere - first thing.

Second thing.Saraha says, “unstructured, unpatterned state of being.” If you live through habit you cannot enjoy life because the habit is of the old. How can you enjoy the same thing again and again and again? Your mind remains the same; then there will be boredom. You can even change the woman and the man, but you are the same, so fifty percent is always the same. There will be boredom.

So first Tantra says: Never get obsessed with any person, remain free of personalities. Second, Tantra says: Remain free of your past - then you are a hundred percent free, like a bee. You can fly anywhere; nothing holds you, your freedom is utter.

Don’t persist in your past pattern. Try to be inventive, try to be innovative! Be an adventurer, a discoverer, enjoy life through new ways; find new ways to enjoy it. In fact go on finding new ways of doing the same old thing, but find new ways.

There are infinite possibilities.. You can come to the same experience from many doors, and each door will give you a different vision. Then life is rich; there is sweetness, there is joy, there is celebration - that is what honey is. Don’t be confined in the pattern of a frog! Yes, the frog can hop a little, jump here and there.he cannot fly and cannot know that each flower is carrying divine fragrance. What Saraha means by honey is a poetic metaphor for God, that each being is carrying divinity.

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