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Chapter 10: The Ostrich Argument

Colonel Dyer, who was in charge of the area, went there with his troops, fixed machine guns on the people and started firing - because it is revolution against the empire, this prayer that “you should change your heart”!

There was only one door, and from that door they were shooting bullets at random, with no discrimination - children, women, old men. And nobody could escape from there because of the high wall.

Dyer killed the whole crowd; not a single human being came out of that door alive. Now, it was their country; the British had been terrorists, had been ruling their country, exploiting their country.

India has been rich, known for thousands of years as “a golden bird” - that’s how Pythagoras describes it, that’s how Alexander the Great describes it. So many invaders.but still India seemed to be inexhaustibly rich. People would come, invade the country, take away their treasures, take over their beautiful women..

This had been going on for thousands of years; the Britishers were the last. For three hundred years they squeezed every richness, the last drop of it, from Indian soil. And people were not even allowed to pray for a change of heart - this became an act against the empire. And there was no need for any magistrate, for any judge; there was no need for any trial. Just.a colonel simply kills all those people!

The British government has been one of the ugliest phenomena that we know of. It created the biggest empire - it was said that in the British empire the sun never set. It was true, because the empire was all around the earth. So the sun may have set in one part, but it was rising in another part; there was not any gap. The sun was always rising somewhere in the British empire.

These imperialists have a deep sympathy, friendship, with America. Naturally, it is for the public good to allow American troops, to allow America a base to destroy a small country.

And why destroy Libya? Because the man who is leading Libya now is one of the most outspoken politicians in the whole world. Just a few days ago, Kaddafi said that Ronald Reagan is “Adolf Hitler Number Two.” I, commenting on it, say that Kaddafi is wrong. He will agree with me when he understands the reason why I am saying he is wrong: Adolf Hitler himself is now Number Two. Ronald Reagan is Adolf Hitler Number One, because what power did Adolf Hitler have? Reagan has a million times more power. Adolf Hitler could not have destroyed the world; Reagan can do that.

To allow Reagan a base in England seems, to the British government, to be for the public good. Both are imperialists, both are agreed on exploiting people, both are agreed that nothing like communism should happen in the world, both are agreed that Christianity should be imposed on people who are not Christian. Naturally Ronald Reagan is a friend, although he is going to do something inhuman which may trigger the third world war.

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