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Chapter 9: On Calm and Quietude

Or, you simply imagine - that can also be done. You walk but you imagine that inside you are not walking; you work, in the workshop, in the office, in the shop, but inside you imagine that you are not working, it is only the body working. You run as much as you want but inside you remain calm and quiet and feel that you are a witness of the running, you are not the runner. You will overcome heat, tension, inner uneasiness.

Movement overcomes cold,
(But) keeping still overcomes heat.
Who is calm and quiet becomes the guide for the universe.

It is not because he tries to become the guide, but simply that, because he is calm and quiet, all those who are in real search, anywhere in the world, start coming to him.

It is a natural phenomenon. Just as waters go on moving toward the ocean and all the rivers fall into it there, so, if somebody has really become calm and quiet millions of rivers who want to be silent, who want to be calm and quiet, go on falling into that man - a buddha is born.

When you are silent suddenly you are the guide, one need not become the guide; you are the master, one need not become the master. If you try to become the master you will be a teacher and a teacher is a very poor thing. If you don’t want to guide anybody you will find disciples coming and falling into your ocean, you have become the master.

Enough for today?