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Chapter 6: Buddhahood: Not Only for the Chosen Few

How can a Quaker kill? You go on deceiving - your language, your philosophy, your religion - everything!

Once it happened..

I was talking and I used the word pissing. Ananda Prem wrote a letter to me immediately, a long letter that “Please don’t use this word; urination has to be used.”

Urination is clinical - nobody urinates, it is a textbook thing. “Pissing” is alive! The very sound of it gives you the idea. But reality has to be hidden. And that day I understood why Ananda Prem is so uptight - she has been urinating! You have to be uptight then.

Be real, authentic, true - true to life! But even in words. I will tell you one story..

A woman came to listen to a so-called saint with her small child, a young boy. Just in the middle of the discourse the boy started fidgeting and then he said loudly, “I wanna go to piss.”

The saint was of course very angry - such a mundane thing in such a sacred atmosphere. He said, “You have to teach manners to him, otherwise don’t bring him here. This is not only unmannerly, it is insulting.”

The woman said, “You tell me how to teach him.”

So he said, “You can make a code word. He can say, ‘I wanna sing.’ Then you will understand.” So the woman taught the boy.

After one year it happened, the saint came to visit the woman’s house, he stayed there. One night the woman had to go to another town - her mother was ill - so the saint was left with the child. Just in the middle of the night, two o’clock, the child awoke the saint and said, “I wanna sing.” But by that time, the saint had forgotten the code. One year had passed and..

So he said, “Wanna sing? This is no time to sing!”

The child said, “But I sing every day, even twice!”

“But you are a very stupid child,” he said. “In the day you can sing, but not in the night. And don’t disturb me. Keep quiet and go to sleep.”

After a few minutes, again the child said, “But I cannot go to sleep. And if you don’t allow me it will come out by itself - I tell you!”

The saint said, “What type of singing? Even the neighbors will be disturbed. You go to sleep!”

The boy said, “I cannot sleep. First I will have to sing.”

So the saint said, “Okay. You come near my ear and sing slowly.”

So the boy sang! Then the saint understood the code.

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