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Chapter 20: Slipping into the Vertical

It has to be broken. But it is good that you have become aware. You have come across a rock. Don’t be worried, just go on hammering on it. Don’t force a yes because that will be false, inauthentic. Go on hammering on the rock of no, and one day the rock will give way, and when it does then the yes, the real authentic yes, will arise. So I am not saying to pretend yes, or to say yes when it is not coming. If it is not coming, nothing to be worried about. Go on hammering on the rock.

Don’t accept the no, because one cannot live in a no. You cannot eat no food, you cannot drink no water. You cannot live on no love, and you cannot live on no godliness. Nobody can live in no.you can only suffer and create more and more miseries. No is hell. Only yes brings heaven close.and when there arises a real yes out of your total being, nothing remains behind. In that yes you become one, and your whole energy moves upwards and says yes, yes, yes!

That is the meaning of the Christian or Mohammed word amen. Each prayer is to be closed with amen - it means yes, yes, yes. But it should come out of your very guts. It should not be a mind affair, it should not be just in the thoughts. So I am not telling you to say it; I am saying to make way for it to come.

No is like a rock on the fountain.the spring is being crushed by it, and that spring is you. With no you remain crippled and paralyzed.

What other group are you going to do?

The Enlightenment Intensive.

That’s perfectly right; that will be most helpful now. That may do something to the rock. And howsoever big and strong it appears to be, it is impotent, it has no power - because no cannot have any power. Even if it seems to have power, it is borrowed. Because no means non-entity, nothing. It is an absence of yes. It is just like darkness - powerless. In fact it has no existence of its own.

So work hard in this camp. Almost go crazy. Sanity will not be of much help now because your whole sanity is based on the same rock of no. You will have to go completely insane. Once that rock is broken, the breakthrough achieved, you will move into a totally new dimension. For the first time you will be alive and flowing. That rock is your grave.

So make all the effort you can.. But it is good that you have become aware. It is a rare insight to come against a deep-rooted rock - because in the first place the rock tries to hide itself. It creates false climates around you. If it is a rock of no, it will create around it a false yes so everybody is deceived by it. But you have come exactly to the point where I was waiting for you to come.

I could have said this to you, but then it is pointless. I have to send you to these groups and meditations - I can say to you without sending you, but that won’t be of any help. Unless it is your experience, my saying will just be in the air - it won’t have any roots. Good, it has been good.


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