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Chapter 7: The Mad King and His Idol

A Sufi seeker who later on became a great master, Bayazid of Bistun, was going for a haj, for a pilgrimage. He came across a master by chance - at least by chance on his part. It was not chance on the part of the master. The master was waiting for Bayazid, but Bayazid was unaware. He had just stayed for the night by the side of the master, and the master was sitting under a tree.

In the morning, the sun was rising, and it was beautiful and cool and birds were singing, and the pilgrims started moving, and Bayazid was also getting ready. And the master called him close by and said, “Look into my eyes,” and he looked into those eyes - something enormous opened, he was transported to some different dimension. When he came back the master was laughing, and he said, “Now you can do the pilgrimage around me and go home. You have come to Kaaba. There is no other Kaaba. Forget all about that black stone.” And Bayazid understood it. He moved around the master as people move around the Kaaba stone, kissed the feet of the master, and went back home.

And when people gathered together, the villagers, and they asked, “Have you been to Kaaba?” he said, “Yes, to the real Kaaba. I have seen the enormous, I have seen the undefined.”

And once seen, it is never forgotten. It enters into your very existence. It is no more a memory in the head; every cell of your body resounds it, every part of your being dances in tune with it.

Sufis are not liked very much by the Mohammedans; they cannot be. The real religious people are never liked by the people who have created a false consolatory religion for themselves. How can you like a person who calls your toy a toy? He destroys your joy. You cannot forgive a person who calls a spade a spade. It is impossible to forgive him, because you were imagining, you were creating a hallucination for yourself, and here comes a man and he simply says that you are a fool, that the idol that you are worshipping is nothing but a stone, that the scriptures that you are reading are nothing but rubbish: “Burn it and throw the idol. Get rid of all this unnecessary baggage and enter into silence.” Only through silence will you come to know that which is. Only through a state of no-mind will you enter into the real temple.

The real temple is not outside, the real temple is you. If you can enter into your own being you will be entering into existence itself. There is no need to go anywhere, not even a single step is needed. And you need not create a God, because whatsoever you create will be false.

I have heard.

There was once a child who lay before a fire and scribbled on a sheet of paper. His father came to his side and said, “What are you drawing there, son?”

“God,” said the child.

Out of his greater knowledge the father then told the child, “But no one has seen God at any time, son. Nobody in all the world knows what he is like.”

The child answered, “Well, I haven’t finished yet.”

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