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Chapter 12: “Instant” Pathology

Buddha has said, “Buddhas only show the path. You have to travel.” They cannot travel for you. Nobody can create your salvation. It is only your responsibility, because it is you who have created the bondage and it is you who can drop it. Yes, somebody can be of immense help to make you aware, to make you alert about the situation.

One thing more about this age. The old supports have disappeared. Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, don’t have the kind of hold on you that they used to have in the past. The church, the temple, the mosque are only decorative now, formal. Nobody’s heart is there.

Friedrich Nietzsche is the prophet of this age. He declared that God is dead and man is free. True, I support half his statement, the beginning part: God is dead - at least, the God that people used to believe in is no longer there, it is dead. The God of believers is dead, the God of Christians and Hindus and Mohammedans is dead. Of course, the real God can never be dead, because the real God simply means life eternal, nothing else. The real God cannot be dead if existence is existing; the real God simply means the existence, life, this cosmos. But the God of the believers is dead. True - I absolutely support half Friedrich Nietzsche’s statement - but man is not free. God is dead; man is not free. In fact, man is in great chaos.

Man has always depended on beliefs, churches, organizations, scriptures - they have all disappeared. And man has not yet become grown-up. He still needs somebody to depend upon - hence he goes on searching for gurus.

In the old days the Christian had his priest and the Hindu had his guru and the Mohammedan had his maulana, now they are no longer relevant. But deep down in man there is a kind of helplessness. Man is not yet capable of being on his own, he cannot stand on his own. He is afraid, he wants somebody to lean on. So he is ready to fall into the trap of whoever can claim that “I am going to support you.”

You ask me, “What do you attribute this to?” Why are there so many people seeking for instant enlightenment and why are there so many people claiming that they can deliver the goods? It is a simple law of economics: when there is a demand, there is a supply. If you ask for instant enlightenment, there must be somebody cunning and clever enough to start claiming that he can supply it. You simply demand and you will find the supplier. Anything demanded will be produced. The producers are always there.

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