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Chapter 27: The Contemplation of Emptiness

Your wife dies - you start drinking too much, or you start gambling. It was an opportunity to see that this life is not going to last forever. This house is made on the sands, this life is a paper boat - it will be drowned any moment. Any whim of the winds and the life will be gone. Wake up! Your wife is dead, you are going to be dead because you are standing in the same queue, and the queue is coming closer and closer to the window called death.

But you don’t wake up; you start searching for another wife. You go bankrupt but you don’t wake up. You are defeated but you don’t wake up. You start searching - with more vigor, with more vengeance.

A woman went to one of those health clinics where they have about seven doctors. After twenty minutes in one doctor’s office she ran screaming down the hall. Another doctor who finally got the story out of her called the first doctor. “What is the idea of telling that patient she is pregnant? She is not! You nearly frightened her to death.”

“I know,” the first doctor said, “but I cured her hiccups, didn’t I?”

If you listen, if you watch, you will see that every suffering that happens in your life is a blessing in disguise: it can cure you of your hiccups. It is a shock.and you need shocks! - because you have grown many buffers around yourself, you have grown many shock absorbers around yourself. They have to be broken. Unless they are broken you will live in a dream. And remember, in a dream the dream looks real. And you know it perfectly well, you dream every night: in a dream the dream looks absolutely real. And you can always find reasons and logic to support your dreams. Even when the dream is broken you can find reasons to support the dream which was absolutely false.

I have heard..

A man woke up one morning in a state of shock. He woke his wife and said, “Darling, I had a terrible dream last night. I dreamt I was eating a ten kilo marshmallow, and on top of that, I can’t find my pillow anywhere.”

Even when you wake up you may find some support. You may look around, and you can always find support. Your mind is very cunning, your mind plays many games upon you, many tricks upon you, and it can look very logical. It can appear very convincing.

A Frenchman came home and was startled to find his son in bed with his grandmother..

Now it can happen only in France!

“Son,” he said, “how can you do this?”

“Well,” said his son, “You sleep with my mama, I sleep with your mama. C’est logique!”

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