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Chapter 22: Mind Is a Con Man

This long, long friendship - and suddenly you stop; the mind tries in every way to push you, to nag you into some new project. Old projects are no longer working; it is a great salesman.

I have heard.A man was complaining to a real estate agency, “Where is that old fellow who sold me land?” The owner of the agency asked, “What is the problem?”

He said, “What is the problem? I am going to shoot him. He has sold me land which is at least twelve feet deep below the road. In the rainy season it will become a lake. And I have purchased it to make a house for myself. My house will be drowned. Just tell me where that old fellow is!”

The owner said, “Right now, he is not in the office. But when he comes back I will talk to him and if something has gone wrong, we will settle it. I will send him to your house.”

And when the old salesman came, the owner was very angry, “This is too much. What have you done?”

He said, “I told him everything. I have told him that he will have the most magnificent house within the lake. Make the house and wait for the rains. And it is surrounded with such beautiful hills.”

The owner said, “Beautiful hills?”

He said, “Yes, but they are thousands of miles away. They are very difficult to see. Only once in a while, when the sky is very clear, you can see them. And I have shown him.”

But the owner said, “Something has to be done. He is very angry. He wants to shoot you.”

He said, “Don’t be worried. Just give me those two boats that we have been stuck with for many years and we have not been able to sell to anybody. They are getting completely rotten. Just give me those two boats.”

The owner said, “What are you intending to do?”

He said, “I am going to sell those two boats to that man who wants to shoot me.”

The owner said, “If you want to try, good luck to you! Take those boats, but be careful. That man is really angry. I am not joking.”

And after an hour the man came and he said, “I have sold those two boats. When I again described the beauty of the lake and when I said, ‘How secure your house will be. Nobody can reach it. And these beautiful boats.You can just go in the boat to your house. And unless you want somebody else to come, nobody can come in. No beggars to torture you, no guests, no neighbors - just think of it. And in a beautiful lake, surrounded by hills and the hills reflected in a full-moon night.’”

The man said, “Done. You give me the boats.”

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