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Chapter 3: Drunk with Boundless Youth

Parents are always anxious about the marriage of their sons. They worry about when the son will marry and whether or not he will agree to the bride they have chosen, and they always feel incomplete until the marriage has taken place. This feeling of incompleteness is always there - even with the fathers of buddhas - and parents are only content when their son marries.

If worldly parents, if those who are merely related to your body are so keen for your marriage, for your joy and happiness, then is there any wonder that existence - your real mother and father, this earth and sky where you live, from whence you have come and to which you will return - begins to dance and sing when you achieve the highest state of blessedness, when you marry Ram, when you marry the immortal, when you marry him?

Bear this in mind - through your blessedness the whole of existence is blessed. And remember this also - in your helplessness and wretchedness, the whole of existence is helpless as well.