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Chapter 6: Being Total

The camel cannot recognize, the camel has to be persuaded, goaded into sannyas. The lion can recognize and accept sannyas, ask for it, take the jump on his own accord. And in that very jump the lion starts moving to the third stage: the child.

In surrender you become a child, you become soft, feminine, you allow the master to penetrate you deeply. You allow the master to make you pregnant, you become pregnant with the divine. And the state of the child is really a state of pregnancy. You die and you are born anew as a child, out of your own womb. It is the greatest miracle in the world - man being born out of his own womb.

But the decision is going to be of the ego. Just as suicide is the decision of life, sannyas is the decision of the ego. But once you have decided the ego starts disappearing, the ego has committed suicide. In fact, sannyas and suicide are very similar. Suicide is a false sannyas, sannyas is a real suicide - because in suicide only the body dies and you will be born again. In sannyas the ego dies, and if you work it out totally, you may not be born again.

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