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Chapter 1: Beyond Happiness Is Bliss

And this is happening to many people. Many people come into the clearing and then so easily they move into the black hole. In a way it seems logical, because they have lived in the black hole so long. The new experience is new and threatening and the black hole starts claiming them again and again.

This is happening to Turiya. She was coming into a clearing, and now moving into a black hole - on her own accord. And the beauty of the whole thing is that when people start coming into the clearing they don’t thank me at all. They don’t write letters to me saying, “Thank you, Osho.” But when they start moving into the black hole they write great letters to me: “Why are you doing it to me? Why are you taking it away?” They had never thanked me. In the first place I had not given it to them, so how can I take it away? These things are not given or taken away.

These things, you have to understand, happen from your very center. And you have to learn one very fundamental rule: that when they happen there will be every possibility of moving back to the old pattern. You are so familiar with it, so accustomed to it - you have lived in it for so long; it seems so safe, secure, cozy, warm. And the clearing seems to be cold, vast, empty, insecure. But in the clearing is real security because in the clearing is eternity. That black hole is only your mind, a small mind. But with the small mind you are familiar.

You have to learn to love the unfamiliar, the unknown, and one day finally, the unknowable. Then you move into the mysterious more and more. Only then can you say one day, “I know nothing” - because existence is not knowable; it is a mystery, not to be solved. It is not a problem to be solved but a mystery to be lived, to be loved, to be shared.

Desire is a hollow and people say, “Look! He was free. But now he gives up his freedom.” And you are ready to give up your freedom - you are ready to give up anything. You are so ready to give up your freedom - for any toy. You don’t know the value of freedom.

When the daughter of an aristocratic French family announces her engagement to a black man, Big Sam, her parents decide they must try to stop the marriage.

They call Big Sam in and tell him that their daughter is used to every luxury and has to have the finest, largest house in Paris to live in. The black man draws himself up and announces, “When Big Sam loves, Big Sam buys,” and off he goes.

Sure enough, he buys the biggest and best house in Paris.

So the parents call him in again and tell him that their daughter longs for the largest, brightest diamond in all of France.

“When Big Sam loves, Big Sam gets,” says the groom-to-be, and off he goes, returning with the biggest, brightest diamond the parents have ever seen.

In the last-ditch attempt to stop the marriage, the girl’s father goes to see him privately, and tells him that to make their daughter happy he absolutely must have a prick that is twelve inches long.

The black man answers firmly, “When Big Sam loves, Big Sam cuts.”