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Chapter 1: This in Remembrance of Me

That night Jesus transferred himself to them. The same that happened to Mahakashyap and Buddha with the flower, happened with Jesus and the disciples with the bread and wine. And remember, a flower is something not of this world. Buddha gave the flower; a flower is almost other-worldly. Jesus gave bread and wine; he is very earthly, earth-based. Bread and wine is something to eat. A flower you cannot eat, you can appreciate. A flower you cannot drink. It remains far away; there is a distance.

But bread will become your body; and wine? - the drunkenness that is the basic teaching of Jesus: Be drunk with God. Bread and wine, such small, ordinary, everyday things; he made them sacred on that night. He transformed the very earth into paradise. In remembrance, says Jesus, “do it.” And since that day, wherever a real Christian has existed - Christians are many, almost half of the earth, but I am not talking about those, but wherever a real Christian has existed - every day, whenever he has eaten or drunk, it is Jesus that he is eating, it is Jesus that he is drinking. Every small, ordinary thing has become a sacrament.

Enough for today.