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Chapter 15: Inquire of the Holy Ones

Having obtained the use of the inner senses,
having conquered the desires of the outer senses,
having conquered the desires of the individual soul,
and having obtained knowledge,
prepare now, O disciple,
to enter upon the way in reality.
The path is found; make yourself ready to tread it.

10. Inquire of the earth, the air and the water
of the secrets they hold for you.

The development of your inner senses
will enable you to do this.

11. Inquire of the holy ones of the earth
of the secrets they hold for you.

The conquering of the desires of the outer senses
will give you the right to this.

Before we go into the sutras, a few questions asked by some friends. All the questions relate to being naked during the morning meditation.

One friend has asked, “Why has nudity been banned? Does it have no usefulness?”

No, nudity has much usefulness, because nudity is not just nudity. Your culture, your education, your conditioning - all of them are associated with your clothes. And the moment you put your clothes aside, along with them it is also possible to put aside all those things which are covering you like clothes. The very fear of being seen going around naked is the fear of being seen as one really is. The outer form of nakedness is only the first step. Actually, the real nakedness has to happen within - showing yourself exactly as you are, not wearing any mask, not putting on any face, not being covered by anything that is false.

But because man lives basically in the outer world, even physical nudity will help him towards the inner nakedness. And to be seen going around naked also creates fear, because clothes mold you into a shape and form that your body does not really possess. Clothes cover you up, clothes hide you. By wearing clothes, you are saved from the eyes of others.

Standing naked means that you reveal yourself just as you are; ugly or beautiful, good or bad. You don’t hide anything at all. This is symbolic. And in the morning meditation, during the second stage when I ask you to express whatsoever there may be inside you, then it is natural that the idea of taking off your clothes comes into your minds. And it becomes easy for whoever takes off his clothes to express his madness during the second stage - because whoever is ready to be seen naked will not worry about others’ opinions of him. Now he is able to shriek, to cry out loud, to dance. By shedding his clothes it is as if he has also dropped worrying about what others think of him. Someone who is afraid of what other people may say about him will never be able to take off his clothes.

It is helpful if a person can remove his clothes before entering the morning meditation. But some meditators are not able to summon up that much courage, so if during the second stage of the meditation they feel the need to take off their clothes, they can do so. It is still helpful.

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