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Chapter 1: Aiming at the One

This is one of the greatest renunciations. It is easy to renounce wealth, it is easy to renounce a great kingdom, but to renounce knowledge is the most difficult thing in the world. In the first place, how to renounce it? - it is there inside you. You can escape from your kingdom, you can go to the Himalayas, you can distribute your wealth - how can you renounce your knowledge? And then it is too painful to become ignorant again. It is the greatest austerity there is, to become ignorant again, to become again innocent like a child.

But Saraha was ready. Years passed, and by and by he erased all that he had known. He became a great meditator. Just the same as he had started to become very famous as a great scholar, now his fame started spreading as a great meditator. People started coming from far and away just to have a glimpse of this young man who had become so innocent, like a fresh leaf, or like dewdrops on the grass in the morning.

One day, while Saraha was meditating, suddenly he saw a vision - a vision that there was a woman in the marketplace who was going to be his real teacher. Sri Kirti had just put him on the way, but the real teaching was to come from a woman.

Now this too has to be understood: it is only Tantra that has never been male chauvinistic. In fact to go into Tantra you will need the cooperation of a wise woman; without a wise woman you will not be able to enter into the complex world of Tantra. He saw a vision: a woman there in the marketplace. So first, a woman; second, in the marketplace. Tantra thrives in the marketplace, in the thick of life. It is not an attitude of negation, it is utter positivity.

Saraha stood up. Sri Kirti asked him, “Where are you going?” And he said, “You have shown me the path. You took my learning away. You have done half the work - you have cleaned my slate. Now I am ready to do the other half.” With the blessings of Sri Kirti, who was laughing, he went away. He went to the marketplace - he was surprised, he really found the woman that he had seen in the vision. The woman was making an arrow; she was an arrowsmith woman.

The third thing to be remembered about Tantra: it says the more cultured, the more civilized a person, the less is the possibility of his tantric transformation. The less civilized, the more primitive, the more alive a person is. The more you become civilized, the more you become plastic - you become artificial, you become too cultivated, you lose your roots in the earth. You are afraid of the muddy world. You start living away from the world, you start posing as though you are not of the world.

Tantra says: To find the real person you will have to go to the roots.

So Tantra says: Those who are still uncivilized, uneducated, uncultured, they are more alive, they have more vitality. And that’s the observation of the modern psychologists too. A negro is more vital than the American - that is the fear of the American. The American is very afraid of the negro. The fear is that the American has become very plastic, and the negro is still vital, still down-to-earth.

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